Day 22 Racial Equity Indigenous People’s Day Challenge

30+ Day Racial Equity Indigenous Peoples Challenge

October 22nd – day 22

Thank you for participating in the 30+ Day Racial Equity: Indigenous Peoples Challenge.

Today is Day 22. Here are the reading, watching and listening material for the challenge. Remember you can choose 1 learning experience, or all. It is entirely up to you.



READWhat Does It Mean to Black and Indigenous in 2020?

WATCH: The Loss of Native American Lands Within the US: Every Year – Time lapse-style video graphic illustrating the rapid land theft by colonial settlers of Native American land. (2 mins)

LISTENLearn about 5 Native American Actors – Quick bios and video shorts of Indigenous actors West Studi (Cherokee), Zahn McClaron (Hunkpapa Lakota), Adam Beach (Anishinaabe, Saulteaux tribe), Irene Bedard (Inuit and Cree), Graham Greene (Oneida). (1 – 7 minute video shorts)

ACT: Attend a (Social Distance) Pow Wow. Prep for Pow Wow here, hereand here

Here is the link for a daily chart and your private reflections.   Just download it to your computer and access it at your leisure.

If you want to share reflections in community, you may post them on padlet.   Please follow our guidelines for all public reflection posts.

Thank you for joining us in our racial equity journey.


Indigenous Peoples Education Committee.