Youth Antiracist Activism Yields Results

Through a series of protests, marches, meetings and online events, students and alumni of Wellesley High School raised awareness about racism in our community and challenged leaders across Wellesley’s institutions to enact antiracist policies and practices. As you’ll see below, their efforts have begun to yield promising progress!

In case you missed any of the youth-led antiracism learning sessions, here are links to watch the recordings:

  • Select Board Discussion with Wake Up, Wellesley Organizers (starting at 8:30) — Wellesley’s Select Board invited student and alumni activist to share their stories and recommendations for antiracist action on August 18, 2020

  • Wake Up, Wellesley Part 4 — Moderated a discussion with members of the Wellesley Public Schools administration

  • Wake Up, Wellesley Part 3 — “Where Do We Go From Here?” Featuring experts, educators, and allies at the forefront of our national anti-racist efforts

  • Wake Up, Wellesley Part 2 — Continued discussion with black students and alumni about their experiences with racism in the community’s schools, stores, and common spaces

  • Wake Up, Wellesley Part 1 — Black community members share their stories and illuminate the racism in the community’s schools, stores, and common spaces