Wellesley Voted YES on Question 1 to Honor Indigenous Peoples Day

Town election results are in! Question 1 has passed. The community has voted and its voice is clear: the town of Wellesley stands in solidarity and support for Indigenous Peoples in our community and beyond.

We are thrilled to see the Town of Wellesley unite against racism and vote to honor Indigenous Peoples and cease to celebrate Columbus Day. We look forward to the Select Board taking the next steps to enact this change as soon as possible.

Please see below for the statement from the Indigenous Peoples Day Committee:


The preliminary results are in, and you did it! Your voice and your vote sent a clear message on election day, that the town of Wellesley stands in solidarity and support for Indigenous Peoples in our community and beyond. When we asked for your endorsements you put a name to your vote. When we called for volunteers you showed up. When we were out in the streets you honked, applauded, and brought us Dunkin! For all this and more we are forever grateful. 

We’ve created a little montage of photos and videos from our time together in Wellesley which we’d like to share with you. View our thank you video

This vote is an important step to honoring Indigenous Peoples in our community and beyond and we look forward to seeing the Select Board take up this matter as quickly as possible. However, this is just the beginning and we hope that you’ll join us in not only celebrating Indigenous Peoples but also supporting and centering Indigenous voices. We look forward to continuing this journey with you!

In the meantime we want you to know that there are many initiatives and activities that are focused on Indigenous Peoples and your voice is just as important as it ever was.

One way to engage is to review and contact your elected officials about the MA Indigenous Legislative Agenda. The 2021-2022 MA Indigenous Legislative Agenda includes 5 priorities: Remove Racist Mascots, Honor Indigenous Peoples Day, Celebrate and Teach Native American Culture & History, Protect Native American Heritage, and Support the Education and Futures of Native Youth. You can join these legislative priorities by urging your state legislators to co-sponsor these 5 important bills today! To learn more about statewide initiatives for Indigenous Peoples, visit MA Indigenous Legislative Agenda.

Again, thank you for your support, your voice, and your vote!

With gratitude,
The Committee for Indigenous Peoples Day Wellesley