Diversity Club – Creating a Culture of Respect

The Diversity Club of Wellesley High School denounces racism, prejudice, and bias of any form. We condemn the actions of the students, who by posting ignorant and hateful views, have tarnished the image of our high school and of our community. We stand in solidarity and welcome everyone who may feel unsafe or angry because of these actions, which do not reflect the views of the whole student body. We will continue to advocate for peace and understanding, so that every student can feel safe and welcomed in our community. We welcome your ideas and calls to action so that we can move towards making Wellesley the place we all know it can be. We will not be defined or divided by the actions of a few. We don’t want students to not be racists because there is a rule about not being racist; we want individuals to learn to be actively antiracist as a part of a culture of respect.