The Documentary Project by the WPS, Evolutions Program Students Aired May 3rd

Wellesley Public School, Evolutions Program students, presented documentaries about their journey to gain more understanding about historically marginalized groups. These documentaries are a reflection of the steps these students have taken towards the promotion of a more accepting environment in our town. In partnership with the World of Wellesley, this event took place virtually, via Zoom, on May 3rd (Tuesday) at 7PM.

The representation of Muslim Americans in Educational systems

Diva Productions has created a documentary that highlights Muslim educational experiences regarding intersectionality within Islamic identity and school systems. Our documentary walks viewers through each team member’s journey as we explore the experiences of those who practice Islam and the lack of representation in Wellesley’s educational curriculum. Watch here.

The 2 Year Program Turned 56: The Black/African American METCO experience

This documentary explores how suburban Wellesley students such as ourselves contribute to the marginalization and empowerment of METCO students. The film is composed of the experiences, stories, and beliefs of current and former Black and African American students in the METCO program and contrasts them with that of our own. Watch here.

The impact of media on the Hispanic and Latino community

This documentary focuses on the Latino and Hispanic community, as well as identifies the lack of accurate Latinos/Hispanic portrayals in the media. This film addresses the what, why and how media has such a large impact on the Latino/Hispanic community. Watch here.

View additional 2022 Evolutions Program documentaries here.