Start date: 2021-06-19
End date: 2021-08-19
Time: 00:00 - 00:00

Hidden in plain sight, New England is overflowing with rich, diverse African-American and African diaspora cultural traditions and history. Select from a multitude of in-person and virtual exhibits on African-American and African diaspora art, movement, song, history to bring yourself, a partner, or the entire family to explore, experience, and engage.

You will not be alone. World of Wellesley Ambassadors will be available to meet up at a few venues to bring a collective together to learn, share, and grow in our understanding of the wealth of African-American and African diaspora history accessible in our local cultural institutions.

The World of Wellesley Juneteenth Challenges runs from June 19th – August 19th 2021.  However, we encourage you to explore the available cultural exhibits throughout the year.

We ask that as you peruse the offerings that you may ponder three questions:

1) What did you SEE?

2) What did you THINK?

3) What did you WONDER?

Then, tell us about it. Create a Juneteenth art piece, share a selfie from your Juneteenth event, or email us with your favorite reflections on the above three questions.  Send it to and we will highlight it on our World of Wellesley Website.