Support Indigenous Peoples’ Day in Wellesley

The entry into mainstream discourse of systemic racism should be a call to action. So, while it is just one step, let’s repurpose Oct. 12. Columbus Day is racist. If we want Wellesley to be a bastion of antiracism, that has to apply to what we celebrate and whom we put forth as role models […]

An Italian American Perspective on Indigenous Peoples Day

Testimony submitted at Wellesley Advisory Committee Meeting on January 22, 2020. Dear Advisory Committee Members, I am a person of Italian descent and a co-founder of Italian Americans for Indigenous Peoples Day. We formed this group to amplify the voices of Italians who feel no pride in the celebration of Christopher Columbus in public dialogue […]

Thoughts on Indigenous Peoples Day

I want to add my voice to those who support Indigenous Peoples Day because it will provide us — all of us, including our children and grandchildren — the opportunity to educate ourselves about a more accurate history of what happened to the Native Americans when Europeans first arrived and very quickly expanded across the […]

Why focus on Indigenous Peoples Day?

“Out of all the things World of Wellesley could be focusing on, why support a citizen’s petition to rename Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day in Wellesley?” I’ve been asked this question more than once over the past nine months. The most meaningful and important answer is because Indigenous People have been calling for an […]