Date: March 7, 2021

Time: 3:00-5:00

Location: Online Event


About the book 

Race is a powerful qualifier in our society, it shapes perceptions of who belongs and informs narratives of who we are as a community and as individuals. Using examples from her practice as a licensed psychologist and as an African American growing up in the South, Dr. Walker provides a way to enter into cross-racial discussion about race and race relations. Throughout her book Dr. Walker shares stories as examples of our racialized lives and poses questions for reader reflection.

About the author

Dr. Walker is one of the most powerful voices today in the areas of relational and cultural growth, antiracism and reconciliation.  She has worked at Harvard Business School and Wellesley College.  She is passionate about bridging cultural differences.  She is hopeful and inspirational and believes in the individual and collective power to heal our divisions and disconnections.