World of Wellesley

We are dedicated to making Wellesley, MA an inclusive community for all

Working collaboratively with other institutions and organizations to host events, projects and programs that will foster an anti-racist and anti-bias community where diversity, equity and inclusion are fully embraced


Upcoming Events

Needham Human Rights Committee Countdown to Juneteenth!

Start date: June 1, 2021

End date: June 19, 2021

Location: Facebook


Save the date, countdown to Juneteenth 2021 kicks off on Tuesday, June 1. Juneteenth is a national holiday that commemorates the emancipation of enslaved people in the United States.

Our daily Facebook postings will feature activities, events and resources leading up to June 19.

Please join us in recognizing and celebrating this pivotal Holiday of Independence. Organized by the Needham Human Rights Committee.

JUNETEENTH 2021: World of Wellesley Challenge

Start date: June 19, 2021

End date: August 19, 2021


Hidden in plain sight, New England is overflowing with rich, diverse African-American and African diaspora cultural traditions and history. Select from a multitude of in-person and virtual exhibits on African-American and African diaspora art, movement, song, history to bring yourself, a partner, or the entire family to explore, experience, and engage.

You will not be alone. World of Wellesley Ambassadors will be available to meet up at a few venues to bring a collective together to learn, share, and grow in our understanding of the wealth of African-American and African diaspora history accessible in our local cultural institutions.

The World of Wellesley Juneteenth Challenges runs from June 19th – August 19th 2021.  However, we encourage you to explore the available cultural exhibits throughout the year.

We ask that as you peruse the offerings that you may ponder three questions:

1) What did you SEE?

2) What did you THINK?

3) What did you WONDER?

Then, tell us about it. Create a Juneteenth art piece, share a selfie from your Juneteenth event, or email us with your favorite reflections on the above three questions.  Send it to and we will highlight it on our World of Wellesley Website.

How to build an anti-racist organization

Date: June 23, 2021

Time: 11:00AM - 12:00PM

Location: Zoom

At a time when Diversity, Equity, Inclusion is a priority for most organizations, it can be hard to know where to start: Reflecting on your internal racial, gender and power dynamics? Updating policies? Building culture? Solving specific problems?
Join us for “How to build an anti-racist organization” where the team from the Wayside Equity Training Center will speak about how to advance the goals of your organization and support your employees, leadership, and community in better understanding how DEI can – and must – become foundational in their daily work.
Our panelists will examine positive impacts on organizations already meeting clear DEI goals, particularly those putting an equitable – and ultimately anti-racist – lens across all aspects of operations, from hiring and training to internal communications to building client-facing programs and interacting with clients. We will also consider how to create accountability for your DEI efforts with measurable goals.

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