Annual 5th Grade Equity Project

in partnership with Wellesley Public Schools

Every year in May, fifth grade students at all public elementary schools complete a writing or art assignment related to Wellesley Public Schools’ core values of Respect for Human Differences and Cooperative and Caring Relationships. The goal is for students to think, act and express themselves on these concepts. 

Each year World of Wellesley creates prompts for students that connect these core values with the current themes in diversity, equity and inclusion. Prompts in Spring 2020 have included:

  • COVID-19, has impacted our town and country in different ways. Issues such as healthcare, food access, employment, and housing have been very challenging for some people and communities. What differences have you noticed? What do you think about these differences and how we might address these now and in the future?
  • Have you read about or been directly involved with someone who is helping during the COVID-19 pandemic? What do they do and how do they inspire you? How might Wellesley, Massachusetts, and the world be a better place if people followed their leads now and in the future?
  • Some Americans of Asian descent have faced bias and discrimination because some people are wrongly blaming them for this virus entering the United States. What do you think it would look like to be an ally to our friends, neighbors who are Asian American? And, how would this help us to build a more just, equitable country?
For more information, contact Wellesley Public Schools office of Teaching and Learning.
5th Grade Equity Project

Thank You!

We appreciate every student who participates in this project. Thanks you for sharing your stories, poetry, art, research, and insights with us. We enjoy seeing your work!