Annual Fifth Grade Essay Contest

in partnership with Wellesley Public Schools

Every year in May fifth-grade students at all public elementary schools complete a writing assignment related to Wellesley Public Schools’ core values of Respect for Human Differences and Cooperative and Caring Relationships. The goal is for students to think, act and express themselves on these concepts. Essay prompts include:

  • Think of a time when you had an opportunity to be an ally for someone or someone had an opportunity to be an ally for you. Briefly describe the situation. How did it make you feel? What did you learn?
  • Have you read about or been directly involved with someone who inspires you to better understand cultural or racial diversity? What did they do and how did it inspire you? How might Wellesley, Massachusetts, and the world be a better place if people followed their leads?
  • Have you learned about an activist for racial or cultural equality and/or equity? What did they do? Who were their allies? Why do you think they were effective at their effort

Congratulations to Our 2019 Winners

  • Ella Austin, Hunnewell
  • Anshika Chadda, Fiske
  • Alexander Cheng, Hardy
  • Maisie Fitzpatrick, Schofield
  • Lousia Goldberg, Schofield
  • Syndey Haddad, Sprague
  • Cotter Healey, Bates
  • Alexander Hirschey, Hunnewell
  • Noor Kashif, Sprague
  • Matalia Medina, Bates
  • Maxwell Morrow, Upham
  • Sloane O’Reilly, Fiske
  • Jeffrey Pang, Hardy
  • Antonia Wied, Upham

Congratulations to Our 2018 Winners

  • Loucas Delaney, Bates
  • Sienna DeSutter, Upham
  • Asia Foland, Hunnewell
  • Ellery Franceschini, Fiske
  • Violet Griffith, Bates
  • Cailyn Kim, Hunnewell
  • Maya Kim, Sprague
  • Mina Lien, Schofield
  • Gwen Mihal, Sprague
  • John Puopolo, Hardy
  • Bridget Reidy, Schofield
  • Dylan Sobol, Fiske
  • Paul Woods, Hardy

Thank You!

We appreciate every student who participates in this essay program. Thanks you for sharing your stories, poetry, research, and insights with us. We enjoy reading all of your essays!