In partnership with local institutions and organizations, we organize events, projects, and programs that emphasize the value in exploring our many cultures, religions, and ways of life.

Support Our Marathon Fundraiser

“I am excited to be running my fourth Boston Marathon, and proud to run this time for the nonprofit World of Wellesley, for my students, and for my community.

The World of Wellesley is dedicated to making our town a welcoming place for everyone. From community reads, to hosting films, lectures, and discussions on race and diversity, to sponsoring multicultural celebrations and a fifth-grade writing contest, WOW’s efforts reach into every part of our increasingly diverse community.

I’m fortunate to be in my 20th year teaching in the Wellesley public schools and to have made this town my home for 23 years. It’s a bonus to live near the marathon route. When I’m not running, I love to cheer on those who work so hard to tackle this challenging race — and do it to benefit important causes.

It feels great to be supporting an organization that benefits my students, their families, my colleagues, and my neighbors. WOW works to create a community that welcomes and includes everyone. 

That’s a goal everyone can get behind! Please support me as I train and work to reach this fundraising goal. Looking forward to my best race ever!

 – Lisa Rogers, running the 2019 Boston Marathon in support of World of Wellesley

Support Indigenous Peoples Day

World of Wellesley, together with other community members, invite you to participate in a community signature drive. Your signature would support a resolution being created and accepted, by the Wellesley Board of Selectman, for Wellesley to honor Indigenous Peoples Day and no longer recognizes Columbus Day, on the second Monday of October.

We as people who reside, work, and engage in Wellesley acknowledge this town is located on the traditional territory of the Massachusett People. Learn more about Native Land.

MLK Breakfast 2019

2018 Program Book

See our full calendar of events for the year along with notes about World of Wellesley from institutions across the town. Thanks to our sponsors for making this book possible and supporting all of our work!

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